Many homeowners find gutters and eavestroughs to be a big hassle and wonder if it is worth it. After all, it’s no secret that cleaning them out is a tedious and messy task. Not having to maintain gutters seems like a dream come true.

So Why Does Your Home Need Gutters?

Gutters help protect many valuable parts of your home by directing rainwater away from them. They prevent moisture from seeping into your roof, direct water away from your basement, protect your home’s foundation and prevent soil erosion. Without gutters, you risk substantially damaging these important parts of your home.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Gutters

Unfortunately, this is not a good idea. Unless you find yourself living in a desert climate, gutters and eavestroughs play a critical role in protecting your house and your investment from damage. Ridding your home of gutters will only cost you money, headaches, and issues in the long run because they protect many important parts of a house. In short, your house needs gutters.


A corner house with gutters




Eavestroughs are beneficial to your home from the top down. Having them placed on the edge of the roof is key as they stop water and moisture from soaking into the roof. The materials used in roofing are absorbent and even when installed skillfully, moisture and water damage is always a concern, especially if water is able to pool.


Not all damage is evident immediately and by the time it shows itself, the damage is already too late and your roof will need to be replaced. The danger in this kind of damage is that it weakens the materials being used, creating a safety hazard. Replacing a part of a structure like the roof can be expensive, especially compared to the cost of a gutter which could have easily prevented it.




This one is straightforward. Having a flooded basement is more than inconvenient; it requires money and a lot of effort to get it properly drained. And that’s just the first step! After the water is removed, damaged furniture and other items have to be dealt with as well as to prevent mold.


This is why gutters rerouting rainwater is so important. They properly move the water away so that it does not find a way into the home through windows or other entrance points. Even if your home has a wide overhang, it is important to have an eavestrough or gutters because you are better able to control the flow of water.




If a home does not have an eavestrough, the water will simply run down the side of the walls and land on the ground of the foundation. This can be very damaging as it erodes, weakens, or rusts most materials. These effects are amplified in climates that experience seasonal extremes as water freeze and melts throughout the year and buildings are not immune to these effects either.


This means the foundation is exposed to significantly more moisture and water than it would have been otherwise. This can cause big problems. The foundation might crack or begin to rot depending on the material. Needless to say, if this occurs to your home, it is not good news for your pocketbook. Cracks in the foundation compromise the structural integrity of the home and it is unsafe to live in without being fixed, an expensive endeavor.


Your Property


This brings us to the next point on the list: erosion. Erosion is a big concern in areas that see a lot of precipitation throughout the year because of how quickly it can happen. But it should still be a concern in areas with less precipitation because it will still occur, even if it is slower.


Eavestroughs control the flow of water so that heavy rains don’t lead to the demise of carefully tended gardens or newly planted grass seeds. They also help preserve other yard and property features. This includes driveways, which is something a lot of people don’t take into consideration. Indeed, they will reduce potholes and cracks in the pavement.


In short, gutters are critical to the long-term preservation of your home. If you don’t want water damage in your roof, basement, foundation or even your garden, you need a way to route water away from these critical areas. This is why gutters are used worldwide and worthy of every bit of attention you can lavish on them.


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