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3 Best Rated Roofing Company Hamilton

3 Best rated Roofing Company - D'Angelo and sons

Hamilton Roofing Company – Your Roof Repair is Our Family Business

D’Angelo and Sons roofing company is a strong family business serving your community since 1978, with pride, quality and craftsmanship. We’re offering a full suite of exterior home services with a focus on our core expertise in roofing and siding.

  1. 41 Years

    D’Angelo & Sons has been in business for 41 years. 4th Generation, servicing all of the Golden Horseshoe, GTA & more

  2. Top 3%

    D’Angelo & Sons is ranked in top 3% of installers in North America

Your Roofers – Hamilton Based – Ontario Bound!

  1. 25-Year Warranty

    With 25 year workmanship warranty, D’Angelo & Sons offers the best warranty there is to offer in Canada while competitors offer 10 years only.

  2. Certified Lowes Installers

    D’Angelo & Sons strive to provide the highest quality product. Certified installers with Lowes Canada. GAF Master Elite Installer & T-REX Elite Installers + More.

    1. 5 Million Dollars Insurance

      At D’Angelo and Sons safe working practice is built into each day and we are always in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board & State Farm Insurance. We carry over 5 million dollars of liability insurance.

    2. 365 Days A Year

      Our offices are fully staffed to achieve our goal to maintain open communication to ensure we are providing the best customer service. Call us, Email us, Drop in, Our operations, accounting and administration team are always here! 365 days a year.

The roofing company by which all others are measured


    D’Angelo & Sons Is a dedicated community member. Each year D’Angelo hosts a draw for a FREE ROOF Giveway! They are active sponsors of Lets Shake For Parkinson, Hamilton/Burlington SPCA, Cancer Assistance Program & many more!

  2. 0% INTEREST

    D’Angelo & Sons offers Easy Payment Plans Including 0% INTEREST EQUAL PAYMENTS

  3. Rewards Program

    D’Angelo & Sons offers a rewards program to their customers to return the favor of making our business a success!

  4. In-House Bin Service

    D’Angelo & Sons Offers an in-house Bin service! Our Bins are on tires which means, No Rusty Stains!

  1. Maintenance Programs

    D’Angelo & Sons will Protect your roof! Even if we didn’t do it! Offering Maintenance programs & Inspections including:

    • 20 point roof assessments;
    • 12 point attic inspection;
    • 12 point eavestrough inspection with a detailed report! Our reputation is your guarantee!

  2. 1 Stop Shop

    D’Angelo & Sons is a 1 Stop Shop for all your exterior needs! Not only do we install roofs, We install Eavestrough, Siding, Windows, Doors, Attic Insulation, Soffit/Fascia & Lighting. As well as Carpentry needs!

Why Choose Us?

  • More than 40 years of experience
  • WSIB work insurance cover is available
  • A wide range of services, including siding replacement, installation, and replacement
  • The best warranty you can find
  • We’re a family-owned and operated company
  • All in house crew

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Hamilton’s Roofing Experts

You wouldn’t purchase a new car and not change the oil to protect your investment. Often, once a roof is installed it is out of sight and not given the proper attention until there is a noticeable problem. By then damage may be extensive.

Top 5 Reasons To Maintain Your Roof

  1. Save money and add years to the life of your roof.
  2. Repair minor issues before damage becomes extensive and expensive.
  3. Keep out unwanted critters.
  4. Check for winter storm damage.
  5. Peace of mind knowing your roof is in good hands.
D’Angelo & Sons does more than simply put a roof over your head. We’re Hamilton’s Roofing Company, local and committed to providing quality roofing that protects your home from the elements and harmonizes its overall design. Trust D’Angelo & Sons to put the crowning touch on your home.

Roofing Replacement Hamilton

An old or damaged roof with active leaks or worn out flashing can be expensive to maintain. Our team will perform thorough inspections to determine if the roof needs to be replaced. By the time we recommend a complete replacement, we will have looked at all the factors that contribute to the value of your property and exhausted all other options.

If you need to replace an existing roof we are your best bet. We are a reputable roofing company in Hamilton with years of experience handling residential and commercial roof replacements. We have the experience, skill, and equipment needed for all types of roof replacements from asphalt shingles to reroofing industrial buildings. D’Angelo and Sons is also transparent. We will give you an honest and detailed quote and reasonable warranties on materials and labor. Our commitment has always been completing successful roof replacement projects within budget, on time and as per the expectations of the client.

Roof Leaks Hamilton

Roof leaks are pretty common on both old and new roofs. They result from damaged or missing shingles, cracks or improper roof installation. D’Angelo and Sons can fix any roof leaks in Hamilton. Regardless of how small a leak may be we never overlook it. We know that small leaks never go away but rather worsen over time and become expensive to repair. Our leak repair services include a thorough roof inspection which ensures we identify all the leaks before we start fixing anything.

Contact us today and get the chance to work with a team that has years of experience fixing all kinds of roof leaks in Hamilton. After getting to the bottom of the leak we will give you a detailed and honest estimate which includes the costs and our recommendations. We will then send our in-house roofing contractor to your building to offer the quality workmanship that is needed to fix the leak.

Metal Roofs Hamilton

Metal is the most durable and toughest roofing solution out there. As a result, it is the material of choice for industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and workshops. The material is preferred because it can last for many years with minimal maintenance. When maintained properly, metal roofs can last longer than 50 years while offering maximum protection in adverse weather conditions. When installed by a professional this is a material you can continually count on to deliver the best performance year after year.

D’Angelo and Sons handles metal roofing as well as siding for your building in Hamilton. We employ only the best installers who have lots of experience to install metal roofs in a way that delivers superior performance for many years. Contact us today to learn more about our metal roofing services and to see our most recent metal roofing projects. We are always happy to hear from you and offer advice on roofing materials.

Flat Roof Repair Hamilton

Flat roofs are quite vulnerable when not maintained properly. Modified bitumen flat roof, for example, starts to wrinkle or blister on the roofing membrane when not installed properly. The skylights, on the other hand, are susceptible to damage and need to be fixed right away to prevent roof leaks. If the flat roof has poor drainage you will notice ponding when it rains. Ponding leads to a myriad of problems.

D’Angelo and Sons has a lot of experience in flat roof repair in Hamilton. Our in-house team has years of experience in flat roof installation, repairs, and maintenance. We have experience working with modified bitumen, EPDM roofing and gravel/tar flat roofs in addition to a range of other materials. If you need help identifying problem areas or fixing any flat roof problem, we have you covered. Our team starts by performing a thorough evaluation and then provides you with recommendations for necessary repairs. Contact us now to learn more.

Emergency Roof Repair Hamilton

D’Angelo and Sons have an experienced team of roofers operating 24/7 to protect your roof whenever there’s an emergency. We know that weather emergencies are not uncommon in Guelph and we remain on standby to address issues fast and effectively when you need us most. Whether it’s a roof leak, ponding or fire, we are just a phone call away. Trust us to provide exceptional service within the shortest amount of time. We understand just how roofing issues like active leaks can be a major inconvenience in your building. We address roofing emergencies in small businesses, large industrial facilities, and homes. Don’t let a roofing emergency linger and damage your building’s structure. We can come in and have it repaired or replaced to avoid any unnecessary costs down the road. If you need top quality workmanship from a Guelph roofer you can trust, D’Angelo and Sons are here for you.

Cedar Roofs Hamilton

Are you considering a new cedar roof on your building or do you need help repairing your existing cedar roof? We are experts in cedar roofing in Hamilton. At D’Angelo and Sons, we have built a reputation for being one of the most reliable roofing companies you can contact for all kinds of cedar roof installation, maintenance, and repair services. Most of our clients go for cedar roofing because it is lightweight, versatile and above all attractive. This roofing is able to stand up against strong winds and it offers remarkable insulation capabilities which significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs. All in all, the material needs to be maintained properly so as to achieve a full lifespan.

Working on cedar roofs requires a lot of skill and experience. This is why D’Angelo and Sons works with an experienced team of roofers to offer remarkable workmanship. We always ensure you get the most of your investment. Talk to us now.

Attic Ventilation Hamilton

Poor ventilation in the attic can significantly affect the energy efficiency of your home. If you recently noticed a spike in energy bills there is a good chance the poor insulation in the attic is the cause. At D’Angelo and Sons, we take every measure to ensure you never deal with poor insulation. We begin by ensuring there are proper insulation and ventilation in the attic during roof installation. We know that small flaws can lead to mold and ice damming which can ruin your roof. Needless to say, balanced attic ventilation is essential in Hamilton’s homes as well as commercial buildings. It helps save money and prevents a range of roof problems. Our team has the experience and skills needed for all insulation systems.

When you come to us we will recommend the best product for your attic and ensure instant improvement in your building’s energy efficiency. Contact us today if you suspect poor attic ventilation or insulation in Hamilton.

Asphalt Roofing Hamilton

Asphalt roofing is, without any doubt, the most common roofing material in homes in Hamilton. If you need help with the installation, repair or maintenance of asphalt shingles, we are here to help. D’Angelo and Sons has years of experience fixing a wide range of issues affecting asphalt roofing. Our team will further help you fix such issues as poor ventilation and mold build-up. You can also hire us for annual roof inspections and maintenance. We not only perform thorough inspections but also ensure all required repairs are done properly so that you never deal with the same roofing problem for many years to come.

D’Angelo and Sons only works with an in-house team of experienced and professional roofers. You can always count on the job being done exceptionally the first time. Contact us now to learn more about our asphalt roofing services in Hamilton. We can also help plan a new roof installation.

Did You Know?

D’Angelo & Sons do turn key


Soffit, fascia, eavestroughs and downspouts are crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of your home, preventing water damage, wet basements, and unwanted animals. Trust D’Angelo & Sons to make sure your eavestroughs fit your home and are properly installed.

What We Have to Offer:

  • Top quality 5” and 6” K-style–copper round, Leaf guard and/or continuous bracket (Alu-rex), half-round, seamless, primary aluminum eavestrough and downspouts are used in each of our projects.
  • Seamless aluminum eavestroughs are formed on-site to fit your home exactly, minimizing weak points and leakage.
  • Gutter guard can be installed to prevent the accumulation of leaves and debris which cause precipitation to overflow and damage your home.
  • Aluminum soffit and fascia are installed to decrease maintenance and improve under-eave ventilation and water run-off.

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Exterior Lights

Installing outdoor lighting* in your home’s soffit area enhances the exterior of your home and, more importantly, increases your home security by illuminating the dark areas. Motion-activated exterior soffit lighting is often used as a theft deterrent.

*Any work under the ESA standard must be completed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.


Updating the siding on your home can increase its curb appeal and resale value. In addition to a visual improvement, siding systems have been engineered to provide healthy home solutions as well as energy savings. We offer and install unique and innovative options that can transform the ordinary to extraordinary and offer diverse appeal.


Windows increase a home’s beauty, security and represent up to 30% of a home’s energy efficiency. Often times, attention to their functionality and aesthetic come at a point when replacement is the only option.







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Google Reviews

16:15 20 Mar 19
I contacted them for a "Free Inspection" of my roof as I needed a minor repair from wind damage. The free inspection is actually $150 plus HST upfront which can be credited towards any repairs. Booked appointment and crew showed up a couple weeks later. Very good to deal with and thorough in their inspection. What came next was a bit of a shock. $500 quote for repairs on top of the $150 I already paid as they have a "minimum" charge. (They were on my roof for about 10 minutes). Never was this mentioned in any of the conversations I had with them. I could have refused, but they were already there ready to do my repairs and I wanted it done. Workmanship was great, but just be aware and ask questions about the "free inspection" and minimum fees before agreeing to any repairs.
Debbie Lavides
Debbie Lavides
13:15 06 Mar 19
We recently made the decision to fully replace our roof after losing many shingles to a windstorm. D'Angelo & Sons was very prompt in their response to our query and we had an appointment for an estimate a few days later. David was great; he was punctual and friendly. He patiently explained to us the condition of our roof and showed us pictures so we could see for ourselves. We feel secure in our decision in choosing D'Angelo & Sons for our new roof.
Mohammed Almakadi
Mohammed Almakadi
02:06 14 Apr 19
Jeremie Demirci has provided me with the best experience. He is very humble, knowledgable and patient. He came on time and took all the time I needed to show my around my house to explain what is needed and what the best options will be. He helped me check into my attic after honestly explaining what the current standards are with regards to attic insulation and how this will help me in the future in terms of house temperature and shingles longevity. He was not pushing me into any decision and my wife and I felt very happy with the experience so far. I will follow-up with another review after completion.Follow-up:I went with custom shingles. The order took longer than expected and once they started, the installation was again longer than expected because they needed to have experienced roofers because of the shingles I went with. I ended up waiting longer for the job to be completed because the order was many shingles short and they placed another delivery order.The guys did a great job despite all the delays, but the cleaning after for pieces of old broken shingles and nails was not at the expected level and until today April 12, 2019 my kids still pick these things up around the house!!! They broke one of my trees with one of their ladders. I would rate them as 3-4 at this point. Will update when I use their maintenance service they promised to provide.
Daniel DiSabatino
Daniel DiSabatino
17:53 27 Apr 19
Sales Manager David Vandeburg was very knowledgeable and professional. His experience and expertise was especially helpful in our decision to have D'Angelo & Sons do our roofing project. David even did some emergency repairs on our current roof to hold us over until they could come and put on the new shingles.
Sherri Harper
Sherri Harper
02:42 20 Nov 18
When we set out to replace our roof this year, we vowed not to make the same mistakes we did the first time. We researched, asked multiple questions, and Glenn was always there for us and happy to answer any questions we had. There are many, many roofers out there, and choosing D'Angelo was the best choice we could have made. The crew was pleasant and efficient, and also happy to answer any question. We would highly recommend D'Angelo to anyone that asks. I'll be calling Glenn in the spring to discuss our eaves and fascia!
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