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Commercial and Flat Roofing in Hamilton

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  • Repairs on both flat and low-slope roofs
  • Plywood replacement
  • Shingle removal and replacement
  • Skylight and ventilation fixture replacement and installation

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Commercial Flat Roofing In Hamilton

At D’Angelo & Sons, we offer our clients customized commercial roofing solutions. Taking a personalized approach when repairing and constructing commercial roofs enables us to deliver superior quality each time. We treat our clients uniquely and strive to deliver exceptional commercial roofs that meet their individual needs.

Highly experienced roofers

D’Angelo has an experienced team of roofers who continually update their skill in order to serve the commercial industry better. We offer superior craftsmanship and bespoke construction solutions to keep your commercial roof in tiptop shape at all times. Unlike some unreliable flat roofing companies that handle commercial work rarely, we specialize in commercial roofing and take pride in giving you the best options in the industry to serve your needs best.

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Why Choose Us?

  • More than 40 years of experience
  • WSIB work insurance cover is available
  • A wide range of services, including siding replacement, installation, and replacement
  • The best warranty you can find
  • We’re a family-owned and operated company
  • All in house crew

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We are commercial flat roofing contractors

Flat roofs are the preferred option in many commercial buildings because of many reasons, one of them being their low cost. Flat roofs are not only easy to maintain but also have lower installations costs. There are other advantages of commercial flat roofing which include:

  • Provides additional exterior space

Unlike pitched roofs, flat roofs have that extra exterior space that can be repurposed to add value to the property. We’ve seen flat roofs turned into stunning rooftop gardens, storage areas for heavy air conditioning units and solar panels or even outdoor pools. There are so many possibilities to transform a dull looking flat roof into a usable space that raises the value of the building a notch higher.

  • They’re easy to access

Commercial flat roofing is preferred in commercial buildings because of ease of access. Every commercial roof needs to be regularly maintained. Activities like gutter cleaning and installation of solar panels can be easily done with a flat roof because it’s easy to access. The routine maintenance is also easier and faster with a flat roof compared to pitched roofs.

  • Safer working environment

The slow-sloped nature of flat roofs makes them less risky to work on. The flatness also makes work easier, which speeds up the service period. It takes us a shorter time to work on a flat roof than a pitched one. Easy accessibility to the roof surface due to the flat surface also makes routine maintenance services and repairs easier.

  • Can be used in different ways

Flat roofs also give you more room for usability. You can think of additional ways the flat Roof can serve you, such as being a recreational area where employees can take a break. You can also create a garden on the Roof, or install other appliances like A.C. units and solar panels. You get more chances of adding the property value.

We use only the best materials while working on commercial roofing

What Makes EverGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane the Best Option?

TPO has unmatched performance and will last for many years, even when exposed to harsh conditions.

Researchers conducted a study on Everguard TPO roofs that has lasted over 10 years. The study revealed that the roofs’ performance was above the ASTM standards for the new TPO roofing. D’Angelo & Sons examined membrane samples from different roofs across the Canada. They evaluated the roofs for thickness over scrim, ageing TPO membranes’ repairability, surface cracking.


The advantages of EverGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane are:

Good Value for Money – Exemplary performance at an affordable price.

Heat-welded Seams – The EverGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane provides excellent seam strength to taped and other seams due to its heat-welded seams.

Resistance to Harsh Weather Conditions – Unmatched resistance to heat and ultraviolet rays (U.V.) in the long-term.

Energy Efficiency – A reflective and emissive roof effectively lowers energy costs and the urban heat island effect.

Calculate your Energy Savings – With the CREST Energy Savings Calculator, you can determine your prospective energy savings at D’Angelo & Sons’ website.

NSF/ANSI 347 – The EverGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane provides contractors and architects with a proven, certified, and sustainable single-ply roofing membranes option.

No Waste to Landfill – The EverGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane has a U.L. Landfill Waste Diversion Validation.

HPDs – With the EverGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane, you will be working with products from the only manufacturer who publishes HPDs (Health Product Declarations) for LEED® v4 compliance and transparent reporting.

EPDs – Publishes EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for single-ply roofing membranes.

Installation Options

The EverGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane is suitable for all single-ply systems due to its versatile application method:

Mechanically Attached Application – The EverGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane is a quick and effective system, which is easy to install year-round.

RhinoBond®3 Application – You don’t have to use adhesives while installing the system.

As an adhered system, verGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane qualifies for the same guaranteed length.

Adhered Application – You can install the system with the EverGuard® Low VOC TPO Bonding Adhesive, the solvent-based verGuard® 1121 Bonding Adhesive, or the water-based EverGuard® WB181 Bonding Adhesive for a smooth appearance.

EverGuard® TPO 60-mil Membrane offers exceptional wind uplift functionality.

install the system with the EverGuard

Should you be concerned about drainage in flat roofing?

One of the top concerns when it comes to commercial flat roofing in commercial buildings is the drainage. Unlike sloped roofs, flat roofs do not drain water off very efficiently and quickly. When water builds up on the roofing material, it can cause deterioration, leaks and more repairs or even a roof replacement. It’s very important to ensure that the flat roof is properly installed and all features, which enhance the efficiency and speed of draining water, are kept in mind.

Flat roofing is indeed more economical in commercial buildings compared to pitched roofs. Even if there are considerations like drainage and repairs that may be needed more often than in pitched roofs, the overall cost of installation is lower.

Does your flat roofing need repairs?

With time, even the best commercial roofing materials deteriorate and can cause serious leaks and water damage issues if the problems are not caught and fixed in time. Due to the very nature of a flat roofing system, be prepared to spend some time on repair and maintenance. It doesn’t mean that the roofing was poorly installed; it’s just a normal part of owning a commercial roof.

At D’Angelo & Sons – one of the well-known flat roofing companies, we pay attention to detail and deliver quality workmanship to help minimize the need for repairs, saving our clients time and money.

When you come to us for commercial flat roof repairs, expect:

  • Quality workmanship
  • Trained roofing contractors with the latest knowledge and skills
  • Serious attention to detail before and during installation/repairs
  • Continuous communication with our team before and during the repair process
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed

Considering metal roofing?

One of the most commonly used roofing materials in commercial buildings is metal.

Metal roofing has the following advantages:

  • It’s durable and reliable
  • Can last for many years with little to no maintenance or repairs needed
  • Has premium materials and coatings
  • Lots of options to choose from e.g. tin, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper depending on your needs and budget.

Metal coatings like galvanized zinc are often used to prevent damage by UV rays, rust or water. The coatings come in varying strengths and need to be reapplied over the years to keep the roof, well protected. Metal coatings also help to promote the energy efficiency of your roof. Once applied, the coating will help to block UV rays in those hot summer months when your energy bills skyrocket.

We offer commercial flat roof maintenance

The best way to add years to the life of your roof is by performing routine maintenance. Our flat roofing contractors offer commercial roof maintenance services, which may include:

  • Regular inspections to identify common roofing problems and repair solutions
  • Application and reapplication of metal coatings
  • Replacement or repairing roof shingles
  • Developing a clear roof maintenance plan that will help commercial buildings enjoy their warranty for the longest time

We are single-ply roofing experts

Over the years, D’Angelo has installed numerous single-ply roofing solutions. Many of our clients choose single-ply roofing as a preferred solution because it’s easy to install, affordable and flexible. We can install a range of single-ply roofs depending on your needs and budget.

We offer commercial re-roofing services

When it’s time to invest in a new commercial roof, consider D’Angelo as your go-to contractors. We put extra care and attention to detail into our re-roofing services to guarantee clients 100% satisfaction. We’ll come in and assess your current roof and offer recommendations based on what’s best for you. If repairs will turn out to be too costly and time-consuming, we’ll recommend re-roofing and help you find a suitable replacement that’s within your budget.

Commercial waterproofing services

One of the leading causes of commercial roof damage is moisture. Water can severely damage your roof and reduce its service life. At D’Angelo, we offer industry-leading flat roofing contractors to protect your roof from moisture problems.

Why Choose us?

When you need commercial roofing services, it’s important to choose experts who understand your unique issues and possess the skills needed to offer quality repairs. We offer the following advantages:

  • We use high-quality products, the latest tools and innovative techniques in commercial roofing
  • All our contractors are trained regularly on the latest and best methods to install and repair commercial roofs
  • We specialize in commercial roofing and stay on top of the industry trends when it comes to the best methods and repairs
  • We are committed to taking a personalized approach when offering roofing solutions to our clients
  • We have a friendly, knowledgeable and passionate staff that loves what they do and have been in the industry for decades
  • Get in touch with us now for quality commercial roofing repairs and installation

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Google Reviews

16:15 20 Mar 19
I contacted them for a "Free Inspection" of my roof as I needed a minor repair from wind damage. The free inspection is actually $150 plus HST upfront which can be credited towards any repairs. Booked appointment and crew showed up a couple weeks later. Very good to deal with and thorough in their inspection. What came next was a bit of a shock. $500 quote for repairs on top of the $150 I already paid as they have a "minimum" charge. (They were on my roof for about 10 minutes). Never was this mentioned in any of the conversations I had with them. I could have refused, but they were already there ready to do my repairs and I wanted it done. Workmanship was great, but just be aware and ask questions about the "free inspection" and minimum fees before agreeing to any repairs.
Debbie Lavides
Debbie Lavides
13:15 06 Mar 19
We recently made the decision to fully replace our roof after losing many shingles to a windstorm. D'Angelo & Sons was very prompt in their response to our query and we had an appointment for an estimate a few days later. David was great; he was punctual and friendly. He patiently explained to us the condition of our roof and showed us pictures so we could see for ourselves. We feel secure in our decision in choosing D'Angelo & Sons for our new roof.
Mohammed Almakadi
Mohammed Almakadi
02:06 14 Apr 19
Jeremie Demirci has provided me with the best experience. He is very humble, knowledgable and patient. He came on time and took all the time I needed to show my around my house to explain what is needed and what the best options will be. He helped me check into my attic after honestly explaining what the current standards are with regards to attic insulation and how this will help me in the future in terms of house temperature and shingles longevity. He was not pushing me into any decision and my wife and I felt very happy with the experience so far. I will follow-up with another review after completion.Follow-up:I went with custom shingles. The order took longer than expected and once they started, the installation was again longer than expected because they needed to have experienced roofers because of the shingles I went with. I ended up waiting longer for the job to be completed because the order was many shingles short and they placed another delivery order.The guys did a great job despite all the delays, but the cleaning after for pieces of old broken shingles and nails was not at the expected level and until today April 12, 2019 my kids still pick these things up around the house!!! They broke one of my trees with one of their ladders. I would rate them as 3-4 at this point. Will update when I use their maintenance service they promised to provide.
Daniel DiSabatino
Daniel DiSabatino
17:53 27 Apr 19
Sales Manager David Vandeburg was very knowledgeable and professional. His experience and expertise was especially helpful in our decision to have D'Angelo & Sons do our roofing project. David even did some emergency repairs on our current roof to hold us over until they could come and put on the new shingles.
Sherri Harper
Sherri Harper
02:42 20 Nov 18
When we set out to replace our roof this year, we vowed not to make the same mistakes we did the first time. We researched, asked multiple questions, and Glenn was always there for us and happy to answer any questions we had. There are many, many roofers out there, and choosing D'Angelo was the best choice we could have made. The crew was pleasant and efficient, and also happy to answer any question. We would highly recommend D'Angelo to anyone that asks. I'll be calling Glenn in the spring to discuss our eaves and fascia!
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