Roofing Services in Kitchener

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  • Repairs on both flat and low-slope roofs
  • Plywood replacement
  • Shingle removal and replacement
  • Skylight and ventilation fixture replacement and installation

Roofing Services
Roofing Services
Roofing Services |D'Angelo and Sons
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Reliable Roof Repair Company Kitchener

Repairing the roof of your home can be a challenging job and it requires a trustworthy, reliable roofing company in Kitchener. You are unlikely to have the skills necessary to do DIY roof repair and you risk exacerbating the problem or doing a shoddy work that will require further repairs in the future. Reliable roofers Kitchener are those that give detailed estimates, guarantee workmanship, and come highly recommended.
At D’Angelo and Sons Roofing & Exteriors, we have been offering roofing repair and related services for over 30 years, which is testament to our credibility and reliability. We have one of the best workmanship warranties in the industry. We belong to relevant trade organizations and we are in the good books of consumer protection agencies. The fact that we are able to stand by our work is proof of its high quality.

  1. Repairs on both flat and low-slope roofs
  2. Plywood replacement
  3. Shingle removal and replacement
  4. Skylight and ventilation fixture replacement and installation

Highly experienced roofers

A roofing company is as good as its roofers. Our roofers have Certificates of Qualification and are regulated by the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009. Roofing is a craft that takes years to master.

Our roofers have experience in both flat and low-slope roofs. We have equipped them with the necessary equipment and tools to do a good job. They have experience in different roofing services, which is important because it means you don’t have to hire different contractors for different tasks.

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Our Advantages

  • 40+ Years of Expert Advice and Quality Installation
  • Best Workmanship Warranty In the Industry
  • No Sub-Contracting
  • Covered by WSIB work insurance

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Google Reviews

01:44 16 Feb 19
Met this friendly young man named Philip at the home show in Toronto, and immediately I felt like I was in good hands! He answered all of my questions about roofs (with a lovely smile on his face the whole time) and really did a good job of making sure I really knew everything I needed to know. I could tell he cared. This is what all customer service should look like.5/5 stars. I feel very comfortable with doing business with D'Angelo and Sons in the near future!
02:11 20 Feb 19
My wife and I where shopping around to get are roof re-shingled in the spring. We had a couple of other roofing company give us quotes some of them we didn’t even see. They just left the quote suck in the front door. This is not the case with Dangelo roofing. I sent an email in requesting a quote with in 24 hrs Heather a super great sales person contact and set up a time to come to the house and give us a quote. Heather was great she sat down with us an explained everything and answer any questions we had . Heather explained the process of the job from start to finish. She brought samples of shingles to look. This company is very professional and organized and not pushy at all. I highly recommend them!!
Elizabeth Nguyen
Elizabeth Nguyen
21:56 15 Feb 19
My boyfriend and I are started renovating our house, after living here for a few years we've decided to finally work on the roof. Stopping by their booth Phil was extremely informative and was able to tell us everything we needed to know moving forward. Kathie was very sweet and outlined all our options and was very patient with us!
Anthony Paveglio
Anthony Paveglio
18:36 17 Feb 19
My father and I came across D’Angelo and Sons booth at the home show in Toronto. We were looking for the right company for a new roof. Kathy was very welcoming and Phil provided us with a lot of information about the types of roof we could do. Both were extremely helpful and welcoming!
Sara McCarter
Sara McCarter
13:43 29 Mar 19
I had D'angelo and sons come to quote on a new roof for my small house in Kitchener (approx 1200sq ft). The sales person was very friendly, but over quoted me by almost double of what other roofing companies quoted (for the same materials). They have leveled packages, and claimed that the starting package would cost me $9,000 taxes-in, and for their best package it would run me $14,000. My neighbour hired D'angelo to do their roof 3 years ago, and was charged less than 5k.They obviously quote based on who the client is, and not the actual roof itself.
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