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Do you need a team that you can trust to help you identify the problem with your roofing and help you to fix it? We’ve got you. D’Angelo and Sons is Kitchener’s roof installation and repair expert. We can install different kinds of roofs, a variety of siding and offer replacement of roofing components and repairs. We offer unique solutions such as proper gutter fitting to ensure you don’t experience issues in the near future. Ours is a service with a difference helping you save time and money in the process.

At D’Angelo and Sons, we offer extensive roof repair services to Kitchener homeowners. We can help you to protect your home and prevent further roof damage that can be very costly to repair. There are many times when roof repairs can be done to prevent the need for a full roof replacement in future. Our technicians are fully capable of handling any repair work available including gutter/eavestrough cleaning projects in Kitchener.

Our roof repair services include:

  1. We can patch missing shingles
  2. We replace eavestrough and clean gutters
  3. We can install siding products in your home
  4. We solve condensation and insulation issues
  5. We offer leak detection and repair services
  6. Annual maintenance of roofing systems

Our experts have been providing comprehensive roofing services for homeowners in Kitchener for many years. We come with the skill and experience to handle any roofing project regardless of the size or budget. We can handle all kinds of roof installation, siding installation and roof repairs

Roofing Replacement Kitchener

In Ontario, most of the roofing contractors do the legal minimum of the Ontario Building Code when installing roofs. The Code only calls for contractors to install roofs that offer “limited protection” under “normal seasonal conditions.” Since the weather at Kitchener is anything but normal, you need a roofing contractor who only uses roofing solutions from top manufacturers, who has well-trained and accredited roofers, and who is licensed and insured.

At D’Angelo & Sons, we have been replacing roofs since 1978 and in this time we have learned from our successes and mistakes and those of our peers. We will do all the work ourselves – we have a strict policy against subcontracting. Once the roof is up, you will be protected not only by the manufacturer’s warranty, but also by our workmanship warranty which is one of the best in the industry. If you want cost-effective repair solutions without compromising on quality, come to D’Angelo & Sons.

Roof Leaks Kitchener

Our approach to roof leak repair is what makes us stand out from our competitors. It involves not only mending the leak, but also restoring whatever has been damaged and taking measures to prevent future leaks.

We start with a thorough free inspection to pinpoint the problem. We will then use vessels to collect the dripping water even as we fix obvious causes of the leak such as gaping holes on the roof to minimize interior damage. After this, we will find and fix other smaller sources of leaks by observing both the roof and the attic.

Once we are done with fixing the leak, we will do preventive maintenance such as applying a primer on corroded sections of a metal roof or cutting branches that are directly above the roof. Our experts will also advise you on what you can do to increase the longevity of the roof.

Metal Roofs Kitchener

Kitchener has a humid continental climate with warm summers with temperatures up to 30.0 °C and cold winters with temperatures as low as −20 °C. With these extreme temperatures, metal roofs are very popular because of their ability to withstand the harsh conditions. At D’angelo and Sons, we have experience with metal roofs of all kinds.

Aluminum metal roofs are popular in Kitchener because of their light weight, their corrosion resistance, their superior heat reflection (compared to steel), and their low maintenance requirements. We install and repair galvanized steel roofs which are sturdier and heavier than aluminum roofs. Other popular metal roof materials are tin, often treated with a tin and lead coat, and copper. Copper roofs are expensive, but they can last hundreds of years, with most of our suppliers giving lifetime warranties on them.

When you contact us for a new metal roof, we will advise you on what you require based on a 3D model of your home, your budget, and your location.

Flat Roof Repair Kitchener

A flat roof should be installed and repaired by an expert if it is serve you the way it should. Kitchener, like most of Ontario, has extreme weather conditions and an improperly installed and repaired flat roof will cause water damage and other problems. There are many roofing companies in Kitchener, but there are several reasons why we are ahead of the competition.

We have an updated license and WSIB work insurance, which ensures that you are on the safe side in case of an accident during flat roof repairs. Our roofing experts are certified, which ensures your warranties will be honored. We are popular because we do not sub-contract. When you hire us, we will do a FREE inspection to determine what the problem is. With over 30 years of experience and the best workmanship warranty in the world, you can rest assured that your roof is good hands.

Emergency Roof Repair Kitchener

The weather at Kitchener can be unforgiving – you do not want to go a day without a proper roof over your head. In case of damage that compromises your safety or your security or that exposes you to the elements, you need emergency roof repairs.

You could do DIY emergency repairs, but hiring a professional roofing contractor has more benefits. A pro will do the job quicker since he will have the equipment, tools, and supplies needed at hand while you have to buy them yourself. Even if you are handy, you are unlikely to have the necessary expertise to do a good job. At D’Angelo and Sons, we do a thorough inspection before undertaking repairs and even create complete 3D models of your home so we can come up with the best solution.

Hiring a pro is the safer option, it enables you to get workmanship warranty, and it gives you WSIB work insurance.

Cedar Roofs Kitchener

Even with the humid continental climate of Kitchener that is characterized by large seasonal differences with cold, occasionally very cold winters and warm, humid summers, cedar roofs still have impressive longevity. At D’angelo & Sons, one of the most common cedar roof repair calls we get is for moss growth removal. Moss growth is common because of Kitchener’s temperature extremes, particularly the rain and the snowfall.

You should get rid of moss because it retains moisture which can seep through the roof, causing damp patches along the inside of your walls. Moss layering also compromises the durability and the aesthetics of the roof, giving a dilapidated appearance.

Our moth removal solutions involves using metal brushes and metallic scrappers to remove the moss, covering the scraped areas with weatherproof metallic strips, securing the strips using nails, and spraying the roof with fungicidal solutions. Other than the fungicide, we also use treated metal strips to completely neutralize all moss growth.

Attic Ventilation Kitchener

In Kitchener, you need attic venting to maintain a cold roof temperature, which prevents the formation of ice dams that are created by melting snow. It also vents out moisture that moves from a conditioned attic. In the summer, venting is important because it expels solar-heated hot air from the attic and the roof, effectively reducing the strain of the AC system and saving money on utility costs.

Attic ventilation should be done by a professional. An inexperienced person will just punch a few holes in the ceiling and fill them with recessed lights that lead air or stuff mechanical systems with air handlers and an array of ductwork. This is recipe for the formation of ice dams in winter months and humidity problems in winter months. Duct sealing is bound to cause at least 5% leakage, no matter how diligent you are.

The team at D’Angelo and Sons has the training, experience, tools, and equipment needed to do proper attic ventilation.

Asphalt Roofing Kitchener

Kitchener, like the rest of Ontario, has extreme weather conditions characterized by hot summers, cold winters, strong winds, and snow buildup. This climate requires strong roofing – and asphalt shingles are just the thing.

Asphalt shingles are durable with most manufacturers giving 20 years to lifetime warranties. The tie lock or T lock mechanisms mean water resistance. Fiberglass shingles have class A fire resistance while organic shingles have class C rating.

Asphalt roofs are also resistant to algae, with most manufacturers offering 5 to 10 year warranties against algae growth. These roofs are also solar reflecting for reduced air conditioning costs, have varying degrees of wind resistance, and UL 2218 Class 4 shingles have good hail damage resistance. Asphalt shingles also come in different shapes and textures, meaning there is something for everyone, are recyclable, are very cost-effective, and are simple to install and maintain.

At D’Angelo and Sons, we install and repair asphalt shingles. We will give you a FREE inspection and advise you on what works given your particular circumstances.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. We assign a dedicated project manager to minimize headaches
  2. We provide a transferrable workmanship warranty and manufacturer’s warranty
  3. We have the highest contractor certification that GAF® offers
  4. We are constantly undergoing training to improve our practices and processes

Roofing Kitchener

D’Angelo and Sons is here for homeowners in Kitchener with exterior solutions that are both efficient and physically appealing. In business since 1981, we’ve built our reputation on quality and customer service.

Our Advantages

  • 40+ Years of Expert Advice and Quality Installation
  • Best Workmanship Warranty In the Industry
  • All in House Crew
  • Covered by WSIB work insurance

Request a FREE Inspection

D’Angelo and Sons is a strong family business serving your community since 1978, with pride, quality and craftsmanship. We’re offering a full suite of exterior home services with a focus on our core expertise in roofing and siding.

Why choose us?

Kitchener boast a bustling community of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as many high-tech workers at very prestigious and well-known companies. With its focus on higher education and technology, it’s no wonder that the Tri-Cities area is such a sought-after location to live in!

D’Angelo and Sons are here to take care of any and all of your external house needs. We offer a wide range of roofing, siding, and eavestrough services, each specialized and customized for your specific home. We have more than 35 years of expert industry experience, a trusted process, and guaranteed results. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your roof, siding, eavestroughs, or a combination of the three, D’Angelo and Sons can help.

How we work

Believe in offering our clients unique roofing solutions. You do not have to worry about substandard services since our employees are expert roofers who are capable and ready to handle all your roofing needs.

We start by carefully assessing the specific problem you have escalated. We will do a complete 3D model of your home so that we can come up with the best solution. We will consult you throughout the process so we offer a solution that fits your needs and budget.

We have certified experts who supervise projects so that the project meets the highest standards. We document the entire process so you don’t pay for work that has not been done.

Get cost-effective repair solutions

Roofing repairs can be expensive, but at D’Angelo and Sons Roofing & Exteriors, we can offer you long-term and cost-effective solutions that save you money. We will advise you on the best and cheapest materials. Some of the repairs we do such as repairing clogged gutters are preventive. Issues resulting from such problems such as damaged walls can be very expensive. We guarantee quality workmanship, which means you will not need repairs frequently. Our rates are some of the best in Kitchener.

Our Unique Process

Twice – the # of times we confirm meetings. We assess & provide a full overview of repairs required & costs.

We confirm the repairs & start date. A roofing Kitchener project manager is assigned.

Our experts begin & complete – repairs on time & within budget. Upon completion, the site is cleaned.

You get a certificate of guarantee & follow-up phone call.


Having a roof over your head provides more than peace of mind; it protects your family and the rest of your home from the elements. Whether your roof needs to be repaired or completely replaced, D’Angelo and Sons has the expertise and knowledge to get the job done right.

Old plywood, shingles, skylights and ventilation fixtures can cause a lot of trouble, including water damage and heat loss. We’re able to provide you with a customized solution that will keep your Tri-City home both efficient and aesthetically appealing. We’re also able to handle many different types of roof, including flat-slope roofs.

Roofing Kitchener

Eavestropugh and Roofing Kitchener


Eavestroughs are another important element to consider when evaluating the exterior of your home. While many contractors consider this a supplementary service, D’Angelo and Sons knows how important it is to have well-constructed and maintained eavestroughs. These systems of metal piping and tubing along the exterior of your home prevent water damage, mould, wet basements, and unwanted animals. To us, ensuring the structural integrity of the eavestroughs isn’t just a side-job—it’s a priority.

Since no home is exactly the same, we’ll visit your home and evaluate it for any damage or potential concern. We can repair or replace the soffit (undersides), fascia (band of metal that runs under the edge of the roof), eavestroughs (gutter fixed right under the edge of the roof), and downspouts, according to your specific needs.


The siding of your home, whether it’s vinyl, wood, or aluminum, also both protects your home from the elements and contributes to its overall aesthetic. Here in Ontario, your home is susceptible to wear and damage from everything between the summer sunshine and the winter snow. The large spectrum of humidity, wind and temperature also impact the exterior siding of your home.

Over time as the siding ages, it can cause problems such as water damage and heat loss. Having D’Angelo and Sons either repairing or replacing the siding can alleviate those worries, as well as add a significant increase in the curb appeal of your home. Whether you’re looking to raise the resale value of your home or increase the value of your neighbourhood as a whole, we have the skills to get it done right—on time and on your budget.

Siding and Roofing Kitchener

We Protect Your Roof Annually

Even If we didn’t install it

… and We Do It Right!

The team of Certified Professionals - Roofing Kitchener

Our team of certified professionals handle any Kitchener roofing, siding, or eavestrough project—or even a combination of the above. If you’re in the Tri-Cities area and looking to repair, replace, or even get more information on the process, contact D’Angelo & Sons today.

How do we help?

  1. Whichever service you’re looking for, our process begins by arranging for one of our highly qualified representatives to meet with you and assess your home
  2. They will be evaluating the current state, inspecting any current damage and also pointing out any future possible areas of concern
  3. After that, they will create a detailed estimate, including the time, cost, and materials. They’re able to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way
  4. Once you are completely satisfied with the assessment we have provided, we work with your schedule to get the task completed
  5. The work is carried out by our expert contractors and supervised by a project manager
  6. When the work is completed, we also clean up the area around your house where work was being done and properly dispose of any old or excess materials
  7. We always follow up with you afterwards, providing advice on maintenance and care for your home
  8. Lastly, you’ll receive a certificate of guarantee. Your satisfaction is important to us and we want to ensure it – every time

Google Reviews

01:44 16 Feb 19
Met this friendly young man named Philip at the home show in Toronto, and immediately I felt like I was in good hands! He answered all of my questions about roofs (with a lovely smile on his face the whole time) and really did a good job of making sure I really knew everything I needed to know. I could tell he cared. This is what all customer service should look like.5/5 stars. I feel very comfortable with doing business with D'Angelo and Sons in the near future!
02:11 20 Feb 19
My wife and I where shopping around to get are roof re-shingled in the spring. We had a couple of other roofing company give us quotes some of them we didn’t even see. They just left the quote suck in the front door. This is not the case with Dangelo roofing. I sent an email in requesting a quote with in 24 hrs Heather a super great sales person contact and set up a time to come to the house and give us a quote. Heather was great she sat down with us an explained everything and answer any questions we had . Heather explained the process of the job from start to finish. She brought samples of shingles to look. This company is very professional and organized and not pushy at all. I highly recommend them!!
Elizabeth Nguyen
Elizabeth Nguyen
21:56 15 Feb 19
My boyfriend and I are started renovating our house, after living here for a few years we've decided to finally work on the roof. Stopping by their booth Phil was extremely informative and was able to tell us everything we needed to know moving forward. Kathie was very sweet and outlined all our options and was very patient with us!
Anthony Paveglio
Anthony Paveglio
18:36 17 Feb 19
My father and I came across D’Angelo and Sons booth at the home show in Toronto. We were looking for the right company for a new roof. Kathy was very welcoming and Phil provided us with a lot of information about the types of roof we could do. Both were extremely helpful and welcoming!
Sara McCarter
Sara McCarter
13:43 29 Mar 19
I had D'angelo and sons come to quote on a new roof for my small house in Kitchener (approx 1200sq ft). The sales person was very friendly, but over quoted me by almost double of what other roofing companies quoted (for the same materials). They have leveled packages, and claimed that the starting package would cost me $9,000 taxes-in, and for their best package it would run me $14,000. My neighbour hired D'angelo to do their roof 3 years ago, and was charged less than 5k.They obviously quote based on who the client is, and not the actual roof itself.
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