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Roofing Services
Roofing Services
Roofing Services |D'Angelo and Sons
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On rainy days we like to work on some indoors stuff. Here is Derrick part of our Siding crew working on...


Attic Insulation

Tony from Jay's Roofing crew gearing up to do a Blow in Attic Insulation Job! Click the Images to see them larger!    ...


Healthy Plywood vs Rotten Plywood

This images is from when our guys did a removal of Metal Roof and replaced it with a Traditional shingle roof. You can see the new plywood put down to compare to the old Rotten one because the wood wasn't able to breathe from the Metal...


Thinking of switching to a Metal Roof?

Yesterday our boys did a fine job, in switching from a Metal Roof to a Shingle Roof. It is often assumed that a Metal Roof is better and comes without any hassel. Though a Metal Roof will out last a Shingle Roof. It is impossible to find a leak with a Metal Roof,...


Happy to be Back at Work!

After a too long winter, we have the boys all bundled up working, and enjoying every bit of it! Below you will see a photo of Carlos our Crew lead with his...


Hamilton Home Show!

This past weekend D'Angelo & Sons was at the Hamilton Home Show! Friday Night Frank & Andrew where busy helping new customers!        We also won Best 20FT booth 2012! How exciting is...


A nice E-mail

Frank received this lovely e-mail, from one happy customer! 🙂 It reads as follows:   Hi Frank, Our new roof is complete…looks great! Your team also did a good job of clean-up which was much appreciated. Tim- Burlington...


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