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Why D’Angelo Sons

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  1. 25-Year Warranty

    D’Angelo & Sons offers the most comprehensive warranty in the whole of Canada. We offer a 25-year workmanship warranty whereas our competitors only offer 10 years.

  2. Certified Lowes Installers

    Our everyday commitment is to offer the highest quality products on the market. Our installers at D’Angelo & Sons are certified with Lowes Canada, GAF Master Elite Installer and T-REX Elite Installers and more.

  1. 5 Million Dollars Insurance

    Our 5 million dollars insurance will guarantee you the much-deserved peace of mind. Our safe working practice at D’Angelo & Sons is built into every day and we are always in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board & State Farm Insurance. We have enough liability insurance to ensure you never have to worry about liabilities falling on you.

  2. 365 Days A Year

    Our offices are fully staffed. This helps us maintain open communication and guarantee superior customer service. Feel free to call us, email us or drop in at any day. Our accounting and administration team is available all year long.

Trustworthy Roofing Specialists in Guelph

Working with a local roofer always has its advantages. As your trusted Guelph roofing contractors, we guarantee a professional roofing job that will keep common issues such as leaks caused by poor installation at bay. We know too well that sometimes roofing systems experience problems like leaks because the material was not properly secured during installation. Other issues such as clogged gutters that require frequent cleaning or a replacement can be resolved by our Guelph roofing repair company.

Experienced roofing company in Guelph

D’Angelo and Sons roofing specialists can walk you through the entire process of repairing, maintaining or installing your new roof. From helping you to find the best material to the actual installation and maintenance process. We make having a strong and healthy roof very easy for you.

If you ever need any kind of roofing services, D’Angelo and Sons will never disappoint. From eavestrough repairs and gutter cleaning to complete roof installations, we can handle it all. Get in touch with us today.

Best Guelph roofing contractors

  1. We are able to pull together the necessary resources fast and handle roofing issues quickly
  2. All our contractors are certified and licensed to operate in Guelph
  3. We possess extensive knowledge in roof repairs and installation even in large projects
  4. We have experience in roofing installations and repairs done using specialized products
  5. Being local roofers, we understand the unique needs of Guelph so we’re ready to recommend a solution that works for the region

Roofing Replacement Guelph

There are minor roofing issues that can be easily handled with a few repairs. However, when the roofing problems are age-related or caused by severe deterioration/ poor workmanship, we may recommend a complete replacement. Roofs that are severely damaged can be exceedingly difficult and expensive to maintain. Severe damage is often caused by lack of maintenance, advanced age or constant exposure to harsh elements. While putting off a replacement may seem like the cheaper move, it will cost you a lot more in the long run if you end up spending a huge chunk of the property maintenance budget on unnecessary repairs. At D’Angelo and Sons, we specialize in residential and commercial roofing replacement in Guelph. Whatever your roofing needs are, we’re happy to provide a quick and efficient service so you never have to deal with serious roofing issues again. Get in touch with us today to schedule a roof inspection.

Roof Leaks Guelph

Roof leaks are never to be ignored. Get immediate help because a small leak can worsen over time and lead to serious water damage in the building. Moisture can easily destroy the roofing material and get to other areas of your home or commercial building. Luckily, if you live in Guelph, you can count on the experienced roofers at D’Angelo and Sons. We can secure a cracked or worn out surface and prevent your roof from leaking. Whether you just noticed a stain on the ceiling or a drip around a light fixture, don’t expect it to go away in time. That excess water can cause rotting on wood framing or drywall. Moisture problems also contribute to infestations of termites and other pests in your building. You may even experience mold build up which ruins your roofing material and spreads into the air you breathe. D’Angelo and Sons is a reliable roofing company in Guelph capable of handling all your roof leaks.

Metal Roofs Guelph

Metal roofs are used in both homes and commercial buildings in Guelph because they offer multiple benefits. To start with, a metal roofing system will save you the hassle of regular repairs and you can go for years without any repairs done on the roof thanks to its durability. In fact, a metal roof can last up to 100 years if it’s properly installed. At D’Angelo and Sons, we can help you install and maintain a reliable metal roofing system for your home or commercial building. We have worked with homeowners and property managers who are looking for a quick and reliable solution that can withstand the harsh weather in Guelph. Our goal has always been to provide reliable roofing systems that suit the needs of the client. Whether you have aluminum, steel or copper roofing in your building, proper maintenance is key to ensuring it serves you to its full potential. Furthermore, metal roofs may require some repairs from time to time, which must be done by an experienced roofer.

Flat Roof Repair Guelph

One of the reasons why your flat roof experiences repair problems is poor maintenance. A flat roof that is well maintained should last for years without serious repair problems. However, all roofs deteriorate over time and need some repairs to keep them in good shape. That’s where we come in. At D’Angelo and Sons, we offer all kinds of flat roof repair services. Whether you need the flat roofing material replaced because it has broken down over time or you simply want resealing done on the flashings to prevent water from entering your flat roof, we can get it done in no time. Our contractors have a wealth of experience in repairing all types of flat roofs. From gravel and sand roofs to modified bitumen and EPDM roofing, we can repair them all. There’s no flat roof repair problem that’s too complex for our contractors to handle. Get in touch with us wherever you need a quick and reliable flat roof repair service in Guelph.

Emergency Roof Repair Guelph

D’Angelo and Sons has an experienced team of roofers operating 24/7 to protect your roof whenever there’s an emergency. We know that weather emergencies are not uncommon in Guelph and we remain on standby to address issues fast and effectively when you need us most. Whether it’s a roof leak, ponding or a fire, we are just a phone call away. Trust us to provide exceptional service within the shortest amount of time. We understand just how roofing issues like active leaks can be a major inconvenience in your building. We address roofing emergencies in small businesses, large industrial facilities, and homes. Don’t let a roofing emergency linger and damage your building’s structure. We can come in and have it repaired or replaced to avoid any unnecessary costs down the road. If you need top quality workmanship from a Guelph roofer you can trust, D’Angelo and Sons is here for you.

Cedar Roofs Guelph

Do you need a professional to help you maintain your cedar roofing? Are you planning a roof replacement or building a brand new cedar roof? Whatever help you need with cedar roofing, trust the experts at D’Angelo and Sons. Our roofing contractors have installed all types of cedar roofs in Guelph. We also offer cedar roof maintenance services such as cleaning the gutters, sealing and caulking open seams and preventing moss and algae growth by installing zinc strips on the roof. We can do all it takes to keep your cedar roofing in good shape. A cedar roof needs to be properly installed in order to withstand the harsh elements. We are recognized in Guelph as leading in the roofing industry. When it comes to cedar roofing installation and repairs, D’Angelo and Sons does it all. From the installation to inspections, repairs and routine maintenance, there’s no roofing project that’s too small or too complex for our contractors to handle.

Attic Ventilation Guelph

Proper attic ventilation can improve the building’s HVAC performance and in turn lower your energy bills. At D’Angelo and Sons, we can help you to maintain an energy efficient home by taking care of all your insulation and ventilation needs. If you have an issue with moisture build up on the roof or you suspect your roofing material is damaged prematurely due to poor attic ventilation, we can help. We can come in and perform a thorough investigation and make sure your attic is properly ventilated to prevent wood rot and premature roof damage. We’ll do all it takes to help you maintain a proper attic ventilation system so you can efficiently run your heating and air conditioning system. Whatever concerns you have with attic ventilation and insulation, our reliable contractors can help. Get in touch with us wherever you are in Guelph to schedule an energy assessment or inquire about attic ventilation.

Asphalt Roofing Guelph

Asphalt roofing is durable and versatile. It’s one of those roofing materials that have been commonly used in Guelph because of their water repellent features. Asphalt can keep water off the roof and avoid a host of problems that are quite common in other roofing materials. But like all other roofing types, asphalt has to be properly maintained in order to live up to its full potential. At D’Angelo and Sons, we offer asphalt roof installation and maintenance services. We can help you to resolve issues like broken and missing shingles before they bring havoc in your home or business property. If you need help installing asphalt roofing in your building, we’re here to offer quick and reliable service. Our contractors have handled all kinds of asphalt roofing systems in Guelph and will be happy to serve you. We’ll make sure the areas around your roof such as vents, pipes, and chimneys are properly sealed to prevent moisture problems in the future. Call us today to get a free estimate or find out more about our asphalt roofing services.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. We assign a dedicated project manager to minimize headaches
  2. We provide a transferrable workmanship warranty and manufacturer’s warranty
  3. We have the highest contractor certification that GAF® offers
  4. We are constantly undergoing training to improve our practices and processes

D’Angelo and Sons is here for homeowners in Guelph with exterior solutions that are both efficient and physically appealing. In business since 1981, we’ve built our reputation on quality and customer service.

Did You Know?

Downspouts, eavestroughs, soffit, and fascia can prevent damage caused by water, wet basement, and pest infestation.

No Unwanted Animals
No Water Damage
No wet basement

Prevent costly property damage

D’Angelo & Sons has experts who will come to your home upon request to inspect your eavestroughs and the entire gutter system. Based on their findings, they will determine the most cost-effective way to protect your home from costly water damages.

Get your eavestroughs repaired and cleaned by experts

Debris, dust, and leaves are the most common causes of clogged and malfunctioning gutters. If not cleaned in time, clogged gutters and eavestroughs can result in water buildup on the roof, leaking, and other roofing issues. To prevent costly roof damages, contact D’Angelo & Sons. We take pride in our team of experts in the installation and repair of gutters and eavestroughs. For more than four decades, we have been helping property owners in Guelph to prevent damage to their properties’ gutter systems.

Prevent all gutter and eavestrough issues

At D’Angelo & Sons, we install metal gutter screens following the removal of debris and leaves to prevent future clogging. We aim at helping you save time and enjoy efficient eavestrough system with minimal maintenance. Our experts understand the importance of protecting your property and will always do what it takes to offer you cost-effective eavestrough and gutter solutions that will bring lasting value. We always do our best to save all property owners’ money on gutter system maintenance.

Are you in need of a gutter and eavestrough repair services?

The harsh Guelph weather can easily take a toll on your home’s roof. So, don’t get surprised when you notice detached, broken, or bent eavestroughs. If left unrepaired for a long time, this kind of damage can compromise the property’s foundation and its overall stability.

Note that leaky gutters and eavestroughs can cause serious flooding and leak issues, particularly in the basement. D’Angelo & Sons has all the resources required to protect your property from issues associated with malfunctioning gutters and eavestroughs.

Our term of experts will start by inspecting and assessing the damage to your home’s gutter system. Then, they will offer you a roofing estimate with details on the type of work to be done in order to restore the integrity and value of your roofing system. Choosing to work with us guarantees excellent installation, repairs, and maintenance of your gutter and eavestrough system. We choose efficiency rather than cutting corners. Our experts are always ready to help our customers complete all home improvement projects involving gutters and eavestroughs.

Our Advantages

  • 40+ Years of Expert Advice and Quality Installation
  • Best Workmanship Warranty In the Industry
  • All in House Crew
  • Covered by WSIB work insurance

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D’Angelo and Sons is a strong family business serving your community since 1978, with pride, quality and craftsmanship. We’re offering a full suite of exterior home services with a focus on our core expertise in roofing and siding.

Guelph Roofing Contractor

Guelph is a beautiful and bustling city with great amenities, a distinguished University, expansive green spaces, and an old-world charm. Maintaining the beauty of your city starts with your own home—but it’s not al about looks! The exterior of your home protects you and your family from the elements. Having ill-maintained roofs, siding or eavestroughs can result in costly repairs from water damage, heat escape, and other structural defects.

D’Angelo and Sons is your trusted partner in advising when to repair or replace your roof, siding, or eavestroughs. In Ontario, we get it all: sunshine in the summer and snow in the winter. Each of the four seasons we experience has its own distinct weather patterns. We have an impressive range of temperatures, humidity levels, and wind speeds.

All of these will impact the exterior of your home over time, affecting both its efficacy and aesthetics.

D’Angelo & Sons are here to take care of any and all of your external house needs. We have over 35 years of industry experience handling roofs, siding, and eavestroughs, each specialized and customized for your specific home. We boast expert industry experience, a trusted process, and guaranteed results. Whether you’re looking to either repair or replace elements of your home’s exterior, our highly trained and certified experts professionals can get the job done right—on time and on budget.

Our Unique Process

Twice – the # of times we confirm meetings. We assess & provide a full overview of repairs required & costs.

We confirm the repairs & start date. A roofing project manager is assigned.

Our experts begin & complete – repairs on time & within budget. Upon completion, the site is cleaned.

You get a certificate of guarantee & follow-up phone call.

Why choose us?

  1. Our roofing capabilities cover a wide range of both reparation and replacement services.
  2. We can handle many different types of roofs, including flat-slope roofs. We are also experts at replacing old plywood, shingles, ventilation fixtures and skylights.
  3. We work with insurance companies to help handle claims caused by damage that is covered by your homeowner’s insurance.
  4. D’Angelo & Sons is a family-owned business and we’re fully committed to offering outstanding value to each of our customers.
  5. Our clients enjoy free inspection
  6. We have a team of professional, licensed, and insured roofers.
  7. Get served by a team of friendly experts in roofing
  8. Our team will always have ready answers to all your questions whenever you send an email or call us

Gutter and eavestrough installation and repair are hassles that no property owner likes dealing with, and these tasks are best handled by experts. D’Angelo & Sons focuses on using the right materials, efficient installations or repairs, and making sure that each of our clients gets lasting gutters systems. We always make sure that each of our clients gets 100 percent satisfaction and customized service packages that meet their needs.

In terms of siding, whether it’s vinyl, wood or aluminum, we can replace or repair damaged areas as needed. This can protect your home from the elements, preventing water damage and heat loss. We know that being “green” is important to the Guelph community and we can ensure that the proper installation of new siding can impact your home’s energy usage over time.

While many other companies consider eavestrough service to be supplementary, we recognize the importance of having them well-maintained and in good repair.

This includes the soffit (undersides), fascia (band of metal that runs under the edge of the roof), eavestroughs (gutter fixed right under the edge of the roof) and downspouts.

D’Angelo and Sons can protect your home from water damage, mould, wet basements and unwanted animals by upgrading the eavestroughs on your home.

How can we do this?

Once all of your questions and concerns have been addressed, we will begin the project. We will have a team of certified contractors, headed by a project manager, begin the specific process we have outlined from your home. Once completed, all of the clean up will be taken care of by our team, including the disposal of old materials.

Your project manager will provide you with both a certificate of guarantee as well as tips on how to maintain your newly upgraded home. Lastly, we will always follow up with you to ensure satisfaction, and offer you the opportunity to provide us with a testimonial of our services, if you’re so inclined.

Contact D’Angelo and Son today to get more information about repairing or replacing your roof, siding, eavestrough or any combination of the three. We want you to have a safe, beautiful home that contributes to the appeal of your street, neighbourhood, and city.

We have a tried, trusted, and true process that leads to customer satisfaction and guaranteed results.

  1. The process begins when you contact us initially
  2. We will have a representative come to your house at a date and time that works for you and have them assess it
  3. We know that no home is exactly the same—even two identical houses right beside each other have subtle differences
  4. Our representative will look at your specific home to evaluate damage, potential areas of concern, and even provide insight on what may have caused the damage
  5. From there, we’ll create a detailed time and cost estimate. This will also include any materials that we will be using in the process of repairing or replacing elements to your home’s exterior

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