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If you have roofing issues that you need to be addressed right away, trust D’Angelo and Son to provide a quick and efficient service. When roofing problems are neglected, they often lead to serious damage that can be too costly to repair. Our goal is to prevent this and timely fix the issue so we can help you restore the property’s value. We can inspect the roof regularly and identify issues then fix them just in time.

Quality siding installation and repair

One of the most important components in your home’s exterior is the siding. We offer quality siding installation Vaughan. Reach out to us if you discover any form of damage to your roof’s siding. New siding can add appeal and instantly improve the look of your home’s exterior. Whether you prefer vinyl or wood siding, our experts are capable of handling different types of products available locally.

Because we are local roofers, we know the best products to use in this region for a maintenance-free and durable roofing system. We will advise you on the best roofing solutions while taking into account your budget and needs. We have an impressive range of siding products to recommend to our clients. Be assured that our highly trained professionals will get the job done right the first time.

Signs that you need
a roof leak repair

Do you suspect that a section of your roof is leaking? Get help before it’s too late. Here are a few
signs to look out for:

  1. Buckling and curling shingles (you don’t have to climb your roof to see this; you
    can use binoculars to have a close look)
  2. Some shingles are missing especially after a heavy storm. This exposes the rest of
    your roofing material to water damage. Fast action should be taken if you notice some
    shingles are missing
  3. Presence of algae, rot and mold on your roof shingles. This can get worse when it
    rains or snows
  4. Stains on your walls or ceiling. This could indicate that the roofing is extensively
    damaged and water has started finding its way into your home

As soon as you reach out to our team, we’ll look out for these warning signs and fix the issue once and for all. It’s in rare cases that the roof will need to be replaced. We handle all roofing jobs regardless of size or complexity so rest assured that we’ve got you.

Our Advantages

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  • Best Workmanship Warranty In the Industry
  • No Sub-Contracting
  • Covered by WSIB work insurance

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D’Angelo and Sons is a strong family business serving your community since 1978, with pride, quality and craftsmanship. We’re offering a full suite of exterior home services with a focus on our core expertise in Roofing, Siding, Eavestrough, Gutter Repair and Cleaning in Vaughan.

Professional roof repair company Vaughan

As your leading roofing repair company Vaughan with more than 35 years of experience, we promise a professional and customized approach in each project. Although DIY pros make it seem like fixing a roof is so easy, we know too well that roof repairs can be complex and extremely dangerous for non-professionals. If you lack the specialized equipment and training to handle roofing jobs, you put your wellbeing and others at risk. A small mistake can cost you dearly forcing you to reroof the system because of poor installation. It’s, therefore, better to turn to experienced Vaughan roofers to handle all your repair issues.

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