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Do you have an older home that needs total roof replacement? Are you considering a new siding installation to add beauty and function to your home’s exterior? Want to lower heating and cooling costs by upgrading your home’s insulation? D’Angelo and Sons has got you covered. We are leaders when it comes to residential roofing in Stouffville. We’ve helped many residents in the region by handling the simple and complex roofing issues. From clogged gutters to leaky roofs and damaged siding, there’s no task that is too hard for our technicians to handle.

We handle all your roof repair needs

Choose D’Angelo and Sons for all your roof repair needs in Stoufville. Even the most durable roofing materials will deteriorate over time and expose your home to water damage. At some point, you will experience a roof leak that needs urgent repair. In Stoufville, we’ve seen our share of water damaged roofing systems. We can help you if you need your tile or shingle roof to be repaired after it’s damaged due to severe weather.

We offer different types of roof repair including:

  1. Tile roof repairs
  2. Roof leak detection and repairs
  3. Clogged gutters/eavestrough
  4. Damaged siding
  5. Missing, damaged shingles

Our Advantages

  • 40+ Years of Expert Advice and Quality Installation
  • Best Workmanship Warranty In the Industry
  • No Sub-Contracting
  • Covered by WSIB work insurance

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D’Angelo and Sons is a strong family business serving your community since 1978, with pride, quality and craftsmanship. We’re offering a full suite of exterior home services with a focus on our core expertise in Roofing, Siding, Eavestrough, Gutter Repair and Cleaning in Stouffville.

Why choose D’Angelo and Sons?

We come with more than 35 years of experience in roof replacements, repairs, and maintenance. There’s little we haven’t seen when it comes to roofing repair problems. We have experts who are ready to provide you with a written estimate of your roof repair. If the roof has been exposed to storm damage or damaged by falling debris, there are components such as the gutters and siding that may need to be replaced. Our technicians will come in and provide a quick assessment making sure all issues are uncovered. We will provide you with a written estimate of work that needs to be done and discuss this with you to ensure it’s within your budget.

Signs of roof leak repair issues

There are certain roofing issues that you may experience which are an indication that your roof has been exposed to water damage. In many cases, the signs are not so obvious. That’s why we always recommend calling an expert to perform a free roof inspection and give you feedback. For instance, when you notice the shingles on your roof have some staining, or they begin streaking, it could be an indication that the roof needs leak repair. If you have missing shingles on the roof, call us to have them replaced because this can cause serious damage over time.

If you need help with the necessary paperwork required for your insurance claim, we’ll be happy to assist. We carry all the proper licensing required to offer our services in Stoufville. All our workers have adequate insurance to protect you, the homeowner when the project begins. Most importantly, we’re local roofers so we know many of the regulations that apply in Stoufville and will always abide by the guidelines when performing repairs or installation.

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