Most of the challenging issues with your house occur because you do not maintain your roof well. Whether you have a metal or asphalt shingles roof in Oakville, you must be ready to inspect and repair your roof regularly to avoid damages that may cost you a lot of money.

You don’t have to call a professional roofing company in Oakville to help you repair small damages on your roof. However, if you leave the minor damages unattended to for some time, you may require the assistance of a professional roofer in your region.

This article informs you about some five major roofing problems that require the assistance of a professional roofer to mend.

5 roof problems only a professional roofer can fix

  1. Ice Damming

During the winter, your roof can be affected by ice dams and snowfalls. The constant build-up of snow and ice on your rooftop can lead to pooling of water. When the ice melts with a slight increase in temperatures, ice water penetrates through the small compromised holes on the shingles and finds its way into the roofing material underneath. To prevent ice dams from forming on your roof in the future, you must hire a professional roofing company to repair your roof as soon as winter is over.

  1. Shrinking of the roof

Every roof has a membrane that guides rainwater downwards. As your roof becomes old, the roof membranes shrink and contract, creating some space between them and the shingles. To fix the shrinking membranes, you need the assistance of a qualified roofer. The roofing company will help you install new roof membranes and stop your roof from leaking during intense rain.

  1. Cracks and punctures on the roof

Debris from strong winds and hailstorms can cause holes on your roof. Simple DIY procedures from inexperienced persons cannot remove the punctures and cracks that the debris cause on the rooftop. To inspect your roof correctly and repair any damage that the debris might have caused, you must reach out to a professional roofer. The roofing company will recommend the right roofing materials that you should go for to mend the punctures and cracks.

  1. Ponding water

Major damage to your roof in Oakville is the ponding water that appears on your roof when the rains stop. If you have a flat roof, then you must have noticed your roof having some water stuck somewhere on top. Ponding water creates a pool in the roof that exposes the roofing material to rust that eventually affects the roof coating. If you have ponding water on your roof, you can call a flat roof professional in your region to help you remove them and increase your roof longevity.

  1. Split or broken shingles

Sometimes hailstorms and strong winds can damage the tiles or shingles on your roof. Fast fixes can help you repair your roof if you have few damaged or split shingles. However, when your roof has a more significant section of it with damaged shingles and tiles, you must call an expert roofer to help you fix it.

If you need professional roof repair in Oakville, you must research widely to find the best company to take on your roofing project. Not every roof damages can be fixed with semi-skilled persons; some may require the attention of an expert company.

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