Here we are. We have paid a visit to one beautiful historic home in Oakville. The homeowner invited us here to do some roof inspection and recommend what they need to do to fix the damages on the roof. We have come equipped with our tools to inspect the roof to the best of our knowledge. So, let’s meet on top of the roof.

So, we are finally at the rooftop. The first thing we have noticed is that the roof is about ten or twelve pitch. It could be a little bit steeper than what we can see here. Trust me. With this steepness, you won’t dare climb on top of this roof if you lack the skills. Probably, when the roofer worked on this roof, he placed the new shingles on top of the old ones to repair the damages. Also, we notice the old pipe collars were not replaced on the initial roof repair.

We have seen this problem in most roofs we are called upon to inspect in Oakville. If you want your roof to last longer, you must caution your roofer to avoid such like things – re-roofing or putting a new shingle on the old one to block the leakages. We are still here at the top. As we move towards the other side close to the window, we notice nail pops. We can see several on the other end of the roof. The roofer must have forgotten to nail the shingles well. They became loose after some time allowing rainwater to find its way through the ceiling.

Down there as you move towards the door, there is the missing asphalt shingle. We are going to replace this shingle with a new one and check if the neighbouring shingles are in perfect condition; we’ll be forced to change them if they are worn out too. The flashing at the other corner has a crack. Although the copper working on the flashings are fine, we are going to fix these and block all the holes.

Some shingles have been pulled off the roof by strong winds. Some are down leaving space between other shingles. We have to take care of this by replacing the shingles with new ones. Down below, another pipe collar needs immediate replacement.

We are done inspecting the roof, and we have to get down now. Everything inside the house looks good except the entire roof. We cannot identify any significant problems on the walls, which means the house can still withstand a new roof if we are to install one. While on top of the roof, we realized the homeowner would part ways with some reasonable dollars if he were to repair the roof. Leaving your roof in this condition, if you have a historic house can cost you a lot of money if you intend to fix it.

As the best roofing company in Oakville, we advise the homeowner to buy some new shingles for replacement or consider erecting a new roof to waterproof and weatherproof this historic house.

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