Skylight not only increases the melatonin content in your body but also benefits your home in many ways. You can reduce your dependence on artificial lighting and energy consumption with a skylight installed on your roof. Skylights are expensive and difficult to repair when they are damaged.

Skylights can start leaking at some point if you do not repair them on time. We all know how dangerous leaks can be on your floor and ceiling. It is essential that you contact a roofing company in Oakville to help you fix skylight leak issues on time to avoid the extensive damages it may cause to your building structure. This article gives you some reasons why your skylight may be leaking and how to fix it.

Reasons for a leaking skylight

If you notice a puddle directly below your skylight, you should inspect it to find out what the problem could be. Check if the skylight has a stained surface inside or outside the dam. The issues facing your skylight could result from the following:

  1. Faulty flashings

Flashings are meant to tighten the skylight and keep it in its exact position up to the roof. Water can be trapped and cause leaks if the roofing material does not extend around the flashings. Formation of pinholes and corrosion can also damage your flashings.

  1. Pooling water

In Oakville, during the winter, skylights are likely to develop issues because of pooled condensation of water on the glass coating. If you have a single-glazed skylight, always check if the underside of the skylight has condensed water. The slightest crack on the skylight can permit water into your house and cause extensive damage on overall roof structure if not repaired immediately.

  1. Poorly fixed shingles

The shingles surrounding the skylight should be placed correctly to prevent any leaks that may develop. If the flashings and shingles surrounding the skylight are not appropriately installed, it may cause leaks on the roof. Also, if the shingles are not appropriately nailed by your roofer, they are likely to be lifted by strong winds and hailstorms, leaving some openings that rainwater can penetrate through. When you hire a professional roofer, they will always ensure all the flashings and shingles are properly nailed down, leaving no room for leaks.


Seeking the services of an experienced roofing company is the only way of avoiding future roof problems when roofing in Oakville. It is advisable to inspect your roof skylights to find out if they are developing any issues that may raise the alarm for potential leaks. To make sure that there is no indication of leaks or cracks on the roof, you can check your skylight every month.

Do not hesitate to call your roofing company to fix the skylight issues on time and avoid the damages it is likely to cause your roof in the future. An expert roof will help you fix the problems on your skylight and ensure you continue enjoying the natural light that skylights bring to your house.

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