Sometimes, choosing the best roofing shingles for your house can be such a difficult task given the many shingles available in the market. However, based on your house design, budget, the weather patterns in your region, color, shingle composition, style, and taste, you can quickly come across one that suits you.

Ideally, if you want a roof that will last a lifetime, then you must consider wooden shingles. The roofing material is excellent for regions that experience long summers and dry climate. Though they look old-fashioned, they can help you save a lot of money when roofing in Kitchener. This article highlights some of the disadvantages and benefits of using wooden shingles on your roof to help you decide on whether you should have them or not.

The pros of wooden shingles

  • Lasts longer

If you want to go for durability, then wooden shingles are the best choice in the market. The shingles are resistant to hail and can withstand strong winds. With wooden shingles on your roof, you won’t have to contact your roofer every time there is a hailstorm to repair your roof. If you maintain your wooden roof with a regular repair, you can be sure they will last longer than some modern cheap shingles available in the market.

  • Outstanding look

Do you want your house to stand out? Wooden shingles are the best choice if you are going to give your home a unique look. They create a natural look that blends effortlessly with the natural environment. Also, their look adds color to your house exterior, making it more appealing.

  • Environmentally friendly

Wooden shingles are eco-friendly because of their insulation abilities. The wooden shingles are only made of organic material as the main component. No synthetic material is found in a wood shingle.

  • Excellent insulator

Unlike other shingles available in the market, wooden shingles are denser and provide the maximum insulation. It is thick and porous to weatherproof your house and help you save some heating and cooling bills.

The cons of wooden shingles

  • Insect damage

Insects such as termites and carpenter ants can quickly infest your wooden roof and tear it apart. These insects build their colonies and nests in wooden structures, and your roof creates a better environment for them. Wooden shingle is more susceptible to pest infestation compared to other types of shingles such as asphalt shingles. During the winter, your wooden roof is likely to develop mold growth, which makes it less appealing.

  • Expensive

Wooden shingles are the most costly shingles in the market today. Although they might require less processing, the cost of acquiring organic material to produce the shingles can be high. This translates to its high market prices.

Compared to other shingles, the wooden roof is not prone to hail and wind damage. However, its price is likely to scare you if you are not prepared to part ways with a lot of money. Despite their higher price, modern homeowners still go for wooden shingle because of the unique look it gives their houses, its durability, and weatherproofing ability.

If you live in regions where hailstorms and strong winds are more frequent, then you might consider contacting a roofing company in Kitchener to help you erect a wooden roof.

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