Vents can be an essential part of your roof. Without the vents, your roofing system is not complete. Vents keep your house conducive, comfortable, and enhance your house appearance. Despite their varied benefits in the house, many homeowners know a little or nothing about different types of vents available in the roofing market.

Only a few homeowners can tell the difference between other types of roof exhaust vents and ridge vents. Before you go for roofing in Kitchener, it is essential to know more about the different roofing materials that your roofer is likely to use in their service delivery. This article compares ridge vents to other types of roof exhaust vents to help you choose the rights ones for your house.

Most common vents used in Kitchener

The roofing market is flooded with different types of vents. Given that different homeowners have varying specifications and preferences on the types of vents they want in their houses, manufacturers are coming up with various vents to meet their needs. Here is a list of some of the most used vents in Kitchener and Toronto.

  • Power vents: These are the latest vents in the roofing market. The vents require connection to a power source to function since they have a power turbine.
  • Box vents: These are squared. They come with no moving parts.
  • Wind turbine vents: This type of vents come with an in-built turbine that rotates when the wind blows to bring a cooling effect in the house.
  • Ridge vents: These are vents installed at the peak of your ridge during your house construction.

What are the advantages of having ridge vents in your house?

Compared to other types of vents in the market, ridge vents have many benefits that you do not want to underrate. Here are some benefits of installing ridge vents on your house ridge.

  • Appearance: Ridge vents will stick well on your roofline and blend with other roofing structures causing an appealing look. Most vents do not stick up from the roof, diminishing their appearance.
  • Location: Since ridge vents are installed at the highest point of the roof, they allow air from down the roof into the house, causing a cooling effect.
  • Design: Ridges are designed to create a good source of air circulation in the house. Ridges pull air out of the attic when wind passes over it regulating the temperature within the attic.
  • Length: Ridges create the largest ventilation opening on your roof by running the entire length of the ridge.

The roofing market is flooded with varieties of vents. When you hire a  roofing company in Kitchener, you should ensure they install the best vents to help you reduce the cost of heating and cooling your house. The choice of vents to use for your house depends on your budget, house design, and your roof type. Always go for a vent that suits your specifications to avoid unnecessary repairs in the future.

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